Buttons by House of Andar

$ 0.99

House of Andar screw-back buttons are available by the piece.

  • Our buttons are made of metal and built thick and heavy. They sit tight against the boot to avoid snagging anything as you run through the woods. 
  • Buttons are attached with a screw and washer (included but not shown).
  • Silver buttons (not actually silver) have a mirror finish.
  • Gunmetal Grey are dark grey and don't stand out as much.
  • Antique Brass buttons have an antiqued aged look.

In most cases if you have lost button(s) we will replace them for free. Call us at 410-990-0666 or use the 'contact us' button on this page.

If you intend to buy a full kit, double check how many buttons your boots require as our styles have changed over the years.

Most boots come with the Antique Brass buttons standard. Please check before ordering.

We recommend using a dab of thread lock on each screw when installing.