Men's & Women's Black & Red Leather Jester Shoes 9960-BKRD

$ 74.95

  • Men's sizes 5-12 corresponds to Women's sizes 6-13
  • Red and black top grain supple goatskin leather uppers
  • Leather laces on the left and right provide a comfortable fit 
  • 4 antiqued brass bells per boot (removable)
  • durable textured rubber flat-sole with 1/8 inch heel - not for rugged terrain
  • Curly jester toe
  • Pointed leaves have a pliable metal backing for wearing them pointed up or curled down.
  • Item Number: 9960-BKRD

Fools, Andar's jester shoe is perfect for stage performances cosplay and renaissance festivals and made specifically for the Harlequin-Jester-Elf performers and artists.These are not cheap costume shoes that fall apart after one day. Uppers are made from top grain supple goatskin and hand-crafted in Mexico by career shoemakers and should last for years. Note: these are not rugged construction like our standard renaissance boots we don't recommend wearing them to slop through the mud. 

Boots come standard with four jingle bells per boot with antique brass finish and are easily removable if you tire of being the center of attention.

Sizing Info: 

These boots come in half-sizes only and fit true to size. They are normal D-width - Wide feet may not work well in these shoes.


If you normally wear Men’s Size 9 - order size 9.
If you normally wear Men’s size 9.5 – order size 9.5.
If you normally wear Men’s size 9.5 – order size 9.5.


Women’s sizes tend to be 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than men ‘s sizes by our best judgement.
If you normally wear a women’s 8 – order size 6.5
If you normally wear a women’s size 8.5 – order size 7

If you have an event, order two pair and we’ll be happy to have you return the one that doesn’t fit

Costume ideas and keywords: Queen of Hearts, Harley Quinn, Assassin's Creed Harlequin, Elf Warrior, Santa's Elves, Garden Gnome

Made in Mexico thanks to NAFTA

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